Origamic architecture books

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Origamic architecture books

If you decide to purchase one of these books, please use the links from this page. Many of these books archltecture now out-of-print or, are not distributed in the U. If you are unable to find specific titles, we may be able to special-order them from our suppliers. Call or email us with the titles of the books you want and we will respond with pricing and availability. Advanced Patterns Origamic Architecture. This gorgeous book starts with several pages of basic and general assembly instructions.
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  • Origamic Architecture (Pop-Up Card) Sites
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  • Origamic Architecture (Pop-Up Card) Books
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  • Origamic Architecture (Pop-Up Card) News and Notes

    An excellent collection of abstract one-piece origamic architecture designs. I architecture recommend this one. Arcuitecture introductory workbook covering very Origamic pop-up mechanisms. Although this is targeted books children and scrapbookers, some of the mechanisms are applicable to origamic architecture design.

    This book contains 10 carefully-crafted pieces representing staircases. Among other projects, his office has designed the Dutch Pavilion at the World Exhibition in Spain and the expansion of the Rembrandt House in Amsterdam. This is an exhibition book, not a pattern book.

    Origamic Architecture (Pop-Up Card) Sites

    Three of the four planned volumes are books available. Each pop-up is accompanied by books color photo of the actual location and, text describing the function and history of that part of the citadel. This is an architecture OA-style Origamic book, not a pattern book.

    Each spiral-bound hardback is wrapped in Origamic full color dust jacket and boxed. Architecture is a Origamic edition of only 1, copies. Each pop-up is accompanied by color photos of the actual mission, and text describing architecture history books that mission. There are books full-size patterns in the collection but, Origamic are 79 more reduced-size patterns. Most of the designs are pretty simple architecture are suited for intermediate origamic architects.

    There are 25 patterns, all but two being of the degree style. There are architectural and historic notes, as well as model construction tips, for each of the designs. The usual construction instructions are included and an End Note in which Professor Chatani comments on architecture in the U.

    Everything I know about it is here. If you know more, please let me know. There are also a number of abstract, tessellation-style designs.

    Not all of the designs include full-size patterns. Some are presented at smaller sizes. A section in the front features photos of various OA cards sent to Professor Chatani by other enthusiasts. Note that the details of this book binding, publisher, publication date, etc.

    Background and explanatory text mentions several others, along with pictures of some of their work. There is also an excellent resources section. The patterns are geared toward beginners and have a little more detail in the instructions than the typical OA pattern book.

    Unlike most of the origamic architecture, these are created from several sheets of paper and assembled. The sphere, pagoda, pond lily, and Tower of Babel are nice. There are a few interesting abstract designs and a couple of nice architectural pieces a Greco-Roman "Open-Air Theatre," the Tower of Babel, and a band shell.

    The animals in this one are all of the same style, one I find rather disappointing.

    Some of them, such as the Carson Mansion are deliciously complex. He details a step-by-step procedure to be used in modeling a building for origamic architecture.

    This book will have something for a range of skills. Some of the designs have complex outlines but, are fairly tolerant of minor errors, making them suitable for beginners. The multi-piece designs are definitely advanced. I would not recommend this one as a first origamic architecture book for those who do not read Japanese since there are no English translations.

    It drew rave reviews.

    Origamic architecture - Wikipedia

    Eight is a number expressing increasing fortune and prosperity in traditional Japanese culture. It is clear that a lot of books and attention went into this book and the designs within. Professor Chatani has made a hobby of Origamic the works of various master books in OA and seeking their signatures.

    This book includes Origamic normal OA patterns, and more than 75 reduced-size patterns. In addition to the usual instructions on constructing the models, there are some architecture comments on technique for architecture your own.

    Though many of the designs in this book will require moderate to advanced skill levels to construct, it would make a fine addition to any OA collection. Professor Kihara has contributed particularly detailed instructions for constructing the cards, including very precise specifications for recommended materials and tools. This book also introduces a new style of degree card created by cutting and raising portions of the base, and brief instructions for an embossing technique.

    Note that the title of this book does not link to an Amazon. There are a couple of degree flowers, some landscapes, abstracts, three statues of Bosatsu a Buddhist sainta mounted samurai, several mon Japanese family creststhree Noh theater masks, famous temples and other structures. There are notes about the designs in both English and Japanese. There are also short bios of Professors Chatani and Nakazawa, including a list of exhibitions and publications, and the traditional construction instructions.

    A few of the designs are probably suitable for beginners while most are in the intermediate skill range. Thirty-three patterns reflect the titular subject in temples, shrines, statuary, and nature scenes.

    Origamic Architecture (Pop-Up Card) Books

    The designs reflect the classic, clean lines of the architecture Japanese aesthetic. This is a great book, if you can find it. Most 21 are the traditional degree style, while 3 Origamic of the books degree style. The site is in Japanese, primarily but, there are English labels for the menu items so architecture folks will Origamic able books find the pictures and the extensive book list.

    The site includes their current catalog, with pictures. Origamis Luiz Naveda The site of Brazilian OA artist Luiz Alberto Bavaresco de Naveda is a work of art in itself and includes numerous images of his work, an animated image showing how an OA card opens and closes, a history of his involvement with OA, and a list of links to other sites.

    The main site is in Portuguese but, English and Spanish translations are in the works. There are a number of origamic architecture style cards in the gallery. Paperarchitecture by Ingrid Siliakus At last Ingrid Siliakus has published a website showcasing her work. Lots of great pictures and information.

    Architettura origamic Origamic Architecture Some say that Origamic Architecture is a part of Origami and some say it is not. So one is divided about this issue. This confusion arises because the folding part is essential in making an Origamic Architecture card; by folding, one models a . 9/15/ · Origamic Architecture (pop-up card) resources, including a gallery of images, patterns for constructing original designs, a book list, a list of other sites, . Masahiro Chatani has 20 books on Goodreads with ratings. Masahiro Chatani’s most popular book is Origamic Architecture: Ondori Pop-Up.

    Check it out! Paperrazi Creative paper art from Paul Quek. Papyromania This site showcases the origamic architecture of Annelies Smit. There are several galleries of degree style cards, including a number of buildings, some abstract designs, and some whimsical creations.

    Pop-Up Card News and Notes

    This software is Windows XP and Boooks shareware. Popup Cards on Pinterest Popup cards on Pinterest. Popup Workshop Now at version 2. Pictured here and currently featured on the front page of the site is a design created to raise money to support tsunami victims on Japan.

    Check it out, along with the other great work on the site. Patterns for a heart design and St. There are several architectural designs and a number of cartoon-style designs with a definite Japanese flavor.

    The site is primarily in Japanese with minimal English.

    Origamic architecture books

    There are a few patterns available for download in PDF format. Takaaki Kihara Website of reknown origamic architect Takaaki Kihara. The site features images of some pop-up cards from the book and links to several related articles.

    Origamic architecture books

    There are pictures of numerous OA and several animations, some interactive. The Oirgamic site is included here. Hilights include models of several world heritage sites e. Patterns for several of the models are architectuer for download as PDFs. The gallery here includes a beautiful collection of graceful tree designs, various abstracts, and some designs inspired by the works of J.

    The site is in Russian but, this is a direct link to the galleries. There is also a livejournal blog and a flickr gallery by Tekuila. Tjeerd Kuipers Tjeerd Kuipers has a fine collection of very intricate degree style OA building models.

    Several patterns in PDF format are offered for download. Ullagami Ongoing posts with new work by Ullagami. There is also an Etsy shop. Virtual Gallery of Origamic Architecture Mr. Gerry Stormer has constructed most all? He has been kind enough to share images of many of his triumphs.

    Books by Masahiro Chatani (Author of Origamic Architecture)

    There is also a basic tutorial on designing srchitecture own OA cards and a list of links to other OA sites. Be warned: the WOA site relies heavily on Java.

    Yasser Mahgoub Dr. All works appear to be on sale in various forms.

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