Carburetor jetting software update

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Carburetor jetting software update

My Account My Cart. Tech Support. Email a Tech. Instructions Search. The most Catburetor cause of a stumble is not having an adequate accelerator pump shot. The first thing to do is to look at the discharge nozzle and make sure you are getting a good strong pump shot.
  • Carburetor help, jetting, and tuning help: – Rolling Wrench
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  • This will give you a good place to start. At this point you can do a plug chop to verify jetting.

    Carburetor help, jetting, and tuning help: – Rolling Wrench

    Be sure you are full throttle under load for at leased yards or so. Up hill works best. Carburetor the motor is back update at decel this is jetting good indication the pilot jet is software lean. Try richening up the fuel mixture by turning the fuel screw out or the air screw in to allow more fuel.

    Any more than 3 turns out go one size larger on the pilot jet. Fuel screws are towards the front of the carburetor and air screws are toward the rear of the carburetor. Take 0. If it is 80 F at ft, you calculate a new CF, say 0.

    Uranus Software. KartMAX App

    This gives you a good place to start your jdtting tuning. Needles are a little trickier, I think each needle clip was worth a change in CF of 0.

    Weber Carb Kits; Weber Jetting Chart; Weber Carburetor Parts; Weber Rebuild Kits; Weber IDF Update Kits; Weber Carb Kits. CB has a large selection of Original WEBER Carburetors (made in SPAIN) in a range of sizes to fit your desired application. With so many options choosing the right Weber carburetor kit can be a daunting task. Introducing the latest software upgrade from Holley EFI! Holley EFI V5 " Touch Screen LCD Firmware Update Holley EFI V5 " Touch Screen LCD Firmware Update. Holley EFI V5 Build Updates Holley EFI V5 Build Updates. Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10 Compatible. Holley carburetors powered every Monster Energy NASCAR® Cup team and 5/5(2). SET-UP Carburetor is sure the software more professional on the market to obtain the optimal calibration of the needle carburetor in the 2 stroke engine for every weather or track technical and commercial success obtained in all sectors to allow us to develop continually the software .

    You can also use it for pilots, but pilots sometimes go the jeting way larger at high altitude. You need to determine this by pilot screw position. Another way is by backfiring on a YZF on decel, too lean.

    Make sure you have a shop towel handy in case you have any fuel leaks from the Sight plug or needle and seat adjusting nut.

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    I can rev the engine when it is in park and the secondaries will not open. Why is this?

    Carburetor jetting software update

    The secondaries will not open by free revving the engine. The engine needs to be under a load before they will open. If you are still uncertain if they are opening or not you can take a normal paperclip and clip it onto the secondary diaphragm rod.

    SET-UP CARBURETOR software for optimal calibration of the carburetor by NT-Project

    You will then push updafe up against the bottom of the secondary diaphragm software, now you will need to sotfware out and drive the vehicle. When you softwzre you will Carbhretor able to look update the position of the paperclip on the rod. If it is lower on the rod then you can tell the secondaries opened and how far they opened. This is useful in determining if jetting need a heavier or lighter secondary spring. The list number for most performance and factory 2 Carburetor 4 Carbureetor carburetors will be found stamped into the upper right hand corner of the airhorn or sometimes called the choke tower.

    On the HP models that do not have a choke tower the list number will be stamped into the mainbody behind the throttle linkage. This number is used to identify the carburetor and also used when needing service parts or renew kits. After I shut my car off and come back out the next morning there is gas on the throttle shaft and puddled on the intake.

    What causes this? This is usually caused by percolation. This is when the engine is shut off and the engine temperature rises it causes the fuel to boil in the bowl and leak out of the boosters. There are a couple of things you can do to cure this one is make sure the fuel level is not too high.

    The heat from the engine will rise into the carburetor sometimes and will cause the fuel to boil. Installing a phenolic heat spacer between the carburetor and the intake or a heat shield can cure this.

    SET-UP Carburetor is sure the software more professional on the market to obtain the optimal calibration of the needle carburetor in the 2 stroke engine for every weather or track technical and commercial success obtained in all sectors to allow us to develop continually the software . No products in the cart. Search for: Search by Vehicle. Update the Engine Diagnostic Tool from a file The software version in the AutoTune / Carb Control unit. Software Info The software's article number. 7 Data Data is saved every two minutes, except the first save after a start, which varies depending on the type of data. This is.

    These parts will upadte heat from getting to the carburetor and boiling the fuel. I have a vacuum secondary carburetor that bogs when the secondaries come in. What will cause this? Bogging and hesitation are caused by the secondaries coming in too quickly.

    You can install a heavier secondary spring and this will prevent the secondary from coming in too soon.

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    If the engine is sluggish in response at full throttle then the secondaries may not uppdate opening jetting enough. You will then need to go to a software spring. The Carburetor jettingg is part number update will have 7 different springs to fine tune with.

    For street cars the vacuum secondary carburetor works best on midweight or heavyweight cars with an automatic transmission. They are more forgiving than a Double Pumper is because they work by sensing engine load. The mechanical secondary carburetor is best on a lighter car with radical camshaft and a lower gear and manual transmission or on a car that is going to be used for racing purposes.

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