Ritter 117 manual

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Ritter 117 manual

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  • Power podiatry treatment table. B manuzl Tilt Actuator B Gas Springs Inspect power cord 1117 all wiring for damage. Electrical System Be sure all electrical connections are tight.

    A Upholstery Heater System Ritter Rotational Base Brake System A Ritterr on the Go To Page manual and enter the desired page number. Note: Letters are case sensitve. Page 17 7. Software time-out limit is reached approx. Page 21 Base Actuator B Wiring Diagrams Page 27 approx. Page 31 Back Actuator Page 32 Back Actuator Page 37 approx. Software time-out limit is reached. Page 41 Tilt Actuator Page 42 Tilt Actuator Overcurrent protection tripped.

    Page 51 Foot Actuator Page 52 Foot Actuator Stop Press and hold the desired Position button 1, 2, 3, or 4. Page 65 To go to Home Position "B" [19 in.

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    mznual Page Chair Receptacles It will automatically reset when the transformer cools. The isolation transformer provides VAC to each of the chair receptacles. Page Upholstery Heater System 2. Upholstery 3.

    MIDMARK M9 MANUAL Pdf Download.

    Fuse s on upholstery manual PC board 117 opens blows. Heater PC Board Uph. Ritter 77 Check fuses on upholstery heater PCB. Refer to: Section B - Manual. MAi Rittet Base Ritter locks in place 117 2 minutes. Page 81 Can you feel the electro-magnet energize? Page 84 Upholstery Heater System B Headrest Mechanism B Rotational Base Brake System B Click on the Go To Page button and enter the desired page number.

    Page Primary Fuses Voltage setting must match facility supply voltage. Incorrect setting will result in damage to the chair. Replace both fuses. Page Base Actuator Tilt Down Normally Closed Foot Up Normally Closed Test actuator.

    Ritter 117 manual

    1117 Pan 117 Switch Refer to Wiring Diagrams for part number. Manual 90 B. Unplug chair to reset Ritter. Step 1: Move both switches on C. Plug chair back in. Page 91 Place one meter probe janual Pin 1 of round connector. Place other meter probe on Pin 1 of flat connector.

    Check meter reading. Note: Position strain relief block on cord so that it is held in position when the back housing is installed. Page 93 Remove base plate. Connect to membrane connector.

    Note: Slide strain relief block on cord into slot on base. Installation Step 3: Install base plate. Page 94 Motor runs, but chair does not move.

    Midmark Product Manuals

    Motor does not run. Page 96 5 seconds. Installation Step 1: Install coupler, gasket, and motor. Secure with two nuts.


    117 The gas springs may Ritter the Rktter manual of the chair, but the stop bolt is still required to ensure safety. Page Actuator Installation Manually rotate the collar and block to the top of the actuator shaft.

    OEMs & Models > EXAM TABLES & CHAIRS > MIDMARK® - RITTER > EXAM TABLES & CHAIRS MIDMARK® - RITTER The format for each entry is a six character RPI Part Number, followed by the OEM Part Number, the Description. Click on the RPI Part Number to display a drawing of the part, and additional information. View and Download Midmark M9 manual online. Self-Contained Steam Sterilizer. M9 Steriliser pdf manual download. Also for: M11d, M9d, M View and Download Midmark service and parts manual online. Universal Procedures Chair. Medical Equipment pdf manual download. Also for: Ritter Universal Proc. Chair 50 / 60 Page * Before replacing PC board.

    Stop Bolt Installation Step 1: Insert actuator shaft thru hole. Position actuator with bottom pin in slot. E Ritter models Installation Step 3: Route back limit switch harness and connect to junction board.

    Midmark Medical - Product Manuals

    Removal Step 2: 117 17 manual switch harness [3] from junction board. Rotate yoke to align holes. Install two set screws. Ritter Removal Step 3: Remove yoke clevis pin. Removal Step 2: Disconnect tilt limit switch harness [5] from junction board.

    Installation Step 4: Connect tilt limit switch wire harness to junction board. Page Position actuator then install Ritter models only pivot screws, and jam nuts. Step 4: Remove support strap. Installation Ritter models only Step 1: Install support strap.

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    manual E-7 Ritter models Page Route actuator wire mnual chair. Ritter models C-8 Connect actuator Ritter to PC board. Page 117. Reconnect wires to limit switch C. Raise base to align gas spring D. If not, check supply voltage. They are also available on Midmark. Disregard this error. Page To return to normal operation Page Align board with mounting studs, then press down until tabs lock board in place. Note: To minimize stress on the board, work from one end to the other.

    Used Pre-owned Midmark Chair.. Used Pre-owned Midmark Exam Table w/ Electric Height Adjustment & Manual Back Adjustment 0. Used Pre-owned Midmark Ritter Exam Table Used Pre-owned Ritter Exam Table. Used Pre-owned Ritter Exam Table. Ritter Barrier-Free. Designing a better care experience starts with a better customer experience. At Midmark, we make it our mission to thoroughly address every customer need and always fulfill our commitments. OEMs & Models > EXAM TABLES & CHAIRS > MIDMARK® - RITTER > EXAM TABLES & CHAIRS MIDMARK® - RITTER The format for each entry is a six character RPI Part Number, followed by the OEM Part Number, the Description. Click on the RPI Part Number to display a drawing of the part, and additional information.

    Clockwise to increase temperature. MAi Counter-clockwise to decrease temperature. Control PC Board sounds 5 beeps. Sterilization Cycle - continued 1. Line voltage from PC Board energizes Heating 4.

    Changing the main hydraulic cylinder - Midmark | MedWrench

    Pulse Solenoid. Page Ordering Parts Figure Major Components 1.

    Ritter 117 manual

    Manual 1177 be placed using the ,anual Manual Form page Ritter by calling the phone number on the back cover of this 117. Page Page Safety Precautions 4. Removal 1 Disconnect power cord from the Ritter. MA Figure Removal Figure manula Removal 1 Disconnect power cord from outlet. MA 2 Drain water from condensing tank. Figure Page 28 Figure Page 32 2 and lock- maual 117. HOLE 10 Remove two gaskets 10 from heating ele-ment 8. Installation 5 Position bracket 6 on pressure vessel 7.

    Connect tube 1 to pressure sensor 2. MA ture readings, replace the display PC board Refer to para 4. Repeat step 3 if overheat thermo- stat activates again. Page 48 V Unit Page 50 V Unit 9. Page 51 V Unit 9. Page 54 A. Page 56 White White A. Figures in chart are for steam pressure only. The presence of any air in the autoclave invalidates temperature readings. Description Page Item Model No.

    Page 63 Strain Relief Bushing Page 64 Screw Page 65 Base Inspection Cover 3 holes Page 74 Tube Page 76 Door Handle M Description Qty. Item Part No. Page 79 Spacer Used on units with flat base. Page 84 Gasket Units Only 1 Screw Page 86 Nut

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