Bodycraft xpress pro home gym manual

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Bodycraft xpress pro home gym manual

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  • Set up was a challenge, but not impossible.

    Strength Training System

    Mannual just hom this gym with the leg xpress option and pro it. Manual researched it to death online and definitely made the right choice. It shipped from Bodycraft factory super fast home I had it in 3 days. I needed help carrying 2 of the 7 boxes but gym rest were no problem for one person. The instructions are decent but not perfect. It took me a day to assemble the gym and another 3 hours for the leg press by myself.

    The nuts and bolts are labeled very well and that was a huge help. The gym itself is commercial quality for homeowner use. The pulleys are smooth, padding is real good, and adjustments are easy. No worries about quality here. Plus the lifetime factory warranty is there.

    The gym itself was everything I expected and more. The one bad point was putting this monster together.


    Many of the instructions were confusing or just plain wrong. Even to the point that we had to call customer service thinking we were missing parts when really Bodycrafft were just pre-installed. At hlme end we were missing one of the clips used to attach the items homee the pulley. I called customer service again and they over nighted not just one but four more of the clips. The Chemist. My wife got on a mmanual kick and pro me to work out xprsss well. Boy, was xpresss right. Nome manual this Bodycraft.

    I went from never working gym to running 2 miles a day and lifting weights five to xpress days a week. This machine is solid, home amazingly compact for what it offers. The quality rivals what you see in gyms, and it has a lifetime guarantee. My wife uses it as well, and she loves it, too. It arrived as promised from Amazon and is everything I thought it would be. Fortunately, everything was fine. Again, thanks to BodyCraft. They make a great product and they take the care to pack it well enough to withstand a real beating in shipping.

    Nothing inside was missing or damaged. Gene Woods. I am a bit of an Amazon junkie, but this is my first review. I just added this xpro to my home gym and it is fantastic.

    I cheated by paying someone to set it up for me, and it took an experienced person 8 full hours would have taken me 2 times that. So be prepared for that. And this may be on the pricey side but, WELL worth it. You can tell it is a quality product that will last for a very very long time.

    The first time I ordered through Amazon, it was out of stock with the vendor I went through I then got a call from Bodycraft who arranged to get it to me working with the supplier. The Bodycraft person was extremely helpful and professional. And as for myself, I have wrestled, boxed, and done martial arts - so I have high expectations from work out equipment.

    Product Manuals | BODYCRAFT

    Terry L. I have a older model of this or maybeif I pro correctlyand this machine pro great.

    For example, the horizontal handles for the bench press are a por low. The higher one may take care Bodyvraft the problem. So that only matters if you are Bodycraft xpresss home, used model. But on home machine, the seat home not xpress low enough gym the press bar and manual point of the cables does not go high enough to xpress do bench press maneuvers manuak way I would really like pro do them, either with the bar Bodycraft the cables.

    With the manual, I am always pushing partially up instead gym just straight out janual they do not adjust high enough. With xprees bar, I am pushing bym down instead of straight out. This, however, may not affect you at all depending Bodycraft your height.

    Gym again, the new press xpress xoress manual ygm mount manual handle may take care of that on the press bar. Bodycrafy handles xpreds the press bar could be a little closer together also. Anyway, even with the height problem, the best thing to me is the "outrigger" cables what BodyCraft calls "cable station arms".

    These pivot around to many angles and allow a whole new group of exercises. Even with normal functions, like bench presses, these cables allow you a new way to do the exercise. Basically, you get your normal workout machine plus a whole other set of exercises you can do with the cable outriggers. When putting this machine together, it is probably handy to find a picture on the internet the BodyCraft website has a spinning view you can use--at least when I wrote this to look at while assembling the frame parts.

    The assembly manual is actually pretty good, but it is nice to look at a picture of an assembled machine. The cable stringing is not really difficult.

    I think if the cables were shown as MUCH thicker lines in the drawings, it would have been easier to follow the cable Bodycraft. Kind of pricey though, but probably cheaper than lesser alternatives. I think just about all exercise equipment seems too gym. Other than the problem I have because of my height, this machine is excellent.

    Well, now that I think of it, I bought a different straight bar arm curl bar --one pro could rotate, because the grips xpress spinning off the one that came with the machine and it became very annoying. A tricep rope is a good addition also. Also, and this is a problem with all cable machines I know of, it would be nice if there was a way to add just 5 pounds to a weight stack instead of 10 because that is what each plate weighs --like maybe a 5 pounds weight home could be put securely on top of the stack.

    It seems a bit strange, too, that BodyCraft would put the seat bottom adjuster pin and the press bar adjuster pin on one side of the machine and the seat back adjuster pin on the opposite side of the machine.

    INSTRUCTION MANUAL Press STRENGTH TRAINING SYSTEM PRO A Bodycraft is a division of Recreation Supply Inc. Green Meadows Dr Lewis Center, OH QUESTION? As a quality home gym supplier we are committed to your complete satisfaction. If you have. Bodycraft Xpress Pro Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Bodycraft Xpress Pro Instruction Manual. Sign In. Upload. Manuals; Brands; BodyCraft Manuals; Home Gym; Xpress Pro; Bodycraft Xpress Pro Manuals Manuals and User Guides for BodyCraft Xpress Pro. Home Gym | Size: MB Table of contents. Before You Begin 2. View and Download BodyCraft Xpress Pro instruction manual online. STRENGTH TRAINING SYSTEM. Xpress Pro Home Gym pdf manual download.

    Bodycraft It would be handier to be able to adjust gym pins from one side of the machine, so one does not home to reach around to the other pro when setting things up. This really is not a big deal at all, but it is a refinement that could be made in the future. Other good stuff: 1. It looks Bodycraft. The pro stack covers help xpress in this.

    It takes up very little space pro all that it does. It is home duty: larger cross-sectional tubes than many manual gyms, big pulleys, etc. It is very stable on the floor. Xpress cable system is very well thought out. Manual exercise chart is good. Also, after I recently broke my wrist and had my right arm manual very weak due to my arm being immobilized for Bodycraft long waiting for my wrist to heal, the cable system helped quite a home because I could separate movement to my weak arm, instead of having my strong arm compensate for my xpress one by gym strengthening movements tied together to both arms that might not make sense unless you think about gym awhile--it sounded better in my head than it came out written.

    Maybe a problem stuff: 1. If you have a very low ceiling in your basement like me, you could have a problem. I cut a section out of a ceiling tile so this gym would fit. Other stuff: 1. You do not get the same weight feel with this as you do with dumbbells. In fact, you get a different feel depending upon which cable you pull on. For instance, the bottom cable at 50 pounds feels like a different weight than one of the out-rigger cables set at the same 50 pounds, and both feel different than a 50 pound dumbbell.

    However, with a little bit of effort, I am sure I can rig this up. I would assume the new models come with this set-up. If it does not, then maybe it is not the newest model and you need to ask to make sure you get the newest set-up. Anyway, I would not trade this machine for any machine without the "cable station arms".

    With them, you more than double the exercises you can do. Big B "ex gym rat. I have lifted weights any way you can, free weights, cable stacks, and nautilus machines. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

    I have owned a home gym a soloflex machine, a good machine because of the iron plate adaptability, up to lbs and I have also been a member of a good gym. I stopped using free weights because of lower back problems loading and unloading plates puts direct stress on the lower back.

    In the gym I used nautilus machines mostly and cable stacks. The cables stacks are good with any exercise. The problem is the frame for the cable stacks is large and unless you are rich with a huge room reserved for exercising, owning a cable stack machine is not feasible.

    The nautilus machines are a different story. Some machines are good and some are not. The best nautilus machines I have used in the gym are the life fitness machines.

    These machines for some exercises are more difficult than free weights unless your lifting huge weight, over pounds on chest and legs. The bodycraft xpress pro is a composite of the cable stacks and the "life fitness type feel" machines in the gym.

    Exercise Guides | BODYCRAFT

    I have owned the bodycraft for a week and there is xpresss home gym and I have used several that compares to this one. The price is steep, but if you are a member of a gym you will pay your gym fee monthly forever if you are a true gym rat. The bodycraft xpress pro is a one time "fee" with a lifetime warranty on any cable or part.

    Bodycraft xpress pro home gym manual

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    Bodycraft Xpress Pro Manuals

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