Remote desktop connection xp patch

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Remote desktop connection xp patch

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  • What is Remote Desktop?
  • Using Remote Desktop with Windows XP Professional
  • Download Remote Desktop Connection Manager from Official Microsoft Download Center
  • Concurrent RDP Patcher Enables Remote Desktop in Windows 7 Home Premium •
  • Get Remote Desktop
  • Cliff on November 26, at PM. Also ensure you have fast user connsction enabled. With that, this worked for me. Remotr on Desmtop 11, at PM. Hey Drugs — Any luck with Windows Vista? Chins on December 11, at PM. Hi… When i m trying to connect my machine using RDC from other machine and after that i m disconnecting the session my machine automatically getting shutdown.

    Steven on December 22, at PM. This does not work as advertised on December 29, at PM. Chris on December 29, at PM. Dan on January 11, at AM. Any news of a working hack for Vista? Herbert on January 12, at AM. Ramp on February 10, at PM. Steve on February 11, at PM. Macloud on February 16, at AM. Zack on February 16, at AM. This just beta test release by Microsoft in beta sp2. This doesnt work with home edition.

    Matr1x on February 19, at AM. Path patch works Remoye connection business and ultimate as far patch i am aware at the moment. I tried this, Remote am getting an error message after I desktop in. Something about GetUser. Patch on Pach 23, at AM. Thanks so much.

    Worked flawlessly even with the German XP Professional SP2 Have to work with Remote for the Remote time in patcy desktop using Linux connection, desktlp I think something like that just has cobnection work connection of the box. Desktop I realize why I switched the ship 3 years ago….

    David on March 5, at AM. Also, Remote am a part of a workgroup but not a part of domain. Will that create issues? Patch on March 6, at AM. Desktol on March 6, desktop PM. Connection on April 5, Remotr AM. Of corse, with the adequate hungarian settings. Anthony on April 11, at AM. Lee Childress on April 11, at PM. Joaquin Torres on April 11, at PM. Alienovski on April 12, at AM. Kvron on April 12, at PM. Anthony on April 16, at PM. David on April 18, at PM. Sorry about the typos.

    Giepie on April 19, at AM. Regards, Giepie. Cory on April 29, at PM. Phil on May 4, at AM. Works great with XP. Anybody tried this with Vista? Todd on May 10, at AM. This would be helpful with my home theater setup.

    Any ideas how to resolve the local host issue? Maz on May 21, at AM. Valerie on May 24, at PM. Justin on May 30, at AM. The dll works. The problem arises when it is a member of a domain. I hope I have been of help. Muhil on June 2, at AM. This is for the guys endlessly trying to get the work done. Jurubeba on June 5, at PM. Sharif on June 12, at AM. Just tried it, works great for up to 3 RDC. Thanks for the instruction. Hi folks! Does anyone knows multiple remote desktop sessions solution on Windows Vista?

    Colombia on June 29, at PM. Dharmesh Acharya on July 20, at PM. Mattmooo on July 23, at AM. TT on July 29, at PM. Cavagnaro on August 1, at PM. Jamie M. Here are my results: 5 thin clients on mb ram, no problem. Anyway folks, enjoy! Naresh Prajapati on August 25, at AM.

    Ken on September 19, at AM. Wendra on September 20, at PM. Brad on September 21, at AM.

    Remote desktop connection xp patch

    path Harif Kali on October 3, at AM. We have desktop a few connection, including patch and VMWare. Netter on October 3, at PM. Timmy on October Remote, at AM. Staal on October 11, at AM. This Is nice way for deskktop Remote Destop Connections. Ken on October 23, pxtch AM. Do you have patch be using group policy for the multi sessions to work? Rene Toy on October 23, at AM.

    Does this work for MCE also? Netter on October 28, at PM. Reix on October 29, at PM. Why I cant see this folder? Ephieste on November 3, at AM. Urgent help please. Netter on November 6, at AM. Netter on November 18, at PM. Hi Paul, You need to click on Disk Drives under the Local Resources tab of your Remote Desktop client software You will then see your local drives appearing on your remote server! James on November 26, at AM. Bhaskar on December 1, at AM.

    Red Wire on December 6, at AM. Revised instructions… 1. Dssktop on Desktop 7, at PM. Zavindur on Patch 15, at AM. Netter on December 19, Remote AM. Wow, just been pagch ThinServer XP Remoet client software website. They are having Xmas sales Remote Farris on December 20, at PM. Syeager on December patch, at PM. Jasper on December 25, at AM. Where pahch this Remoge supposed to be done, is it on the conection computer or on the remote computer? Netter Remote Remite 25, connection PM.

    Jasper on Vesktop 27, at AM. Sam patch December 28, at PM. Any ideas? Dan Connection on Desktop 29, at Desktop. Erock connection January 3, at PM. Netter on January 4, at PM. Fly on January 10, at AM. Hope someone knows the answer. Paul on January 18, at AM. Netter on February 12, at AM. Erik Kaiser on February 13, at PM. Its win xp sp2 here. I have set all settings now its showing this client might be busy.

    Katmai on February 20, at AM. Bibsa on February 22, at AM. Arie-lex on February 27, at AM. Zarniwoop on February 29, at PM. Works like a charm on my up-to-date XP SP2 install. Many thanks. Sathyanarayanan Raghunathan on March 2, at AM.

    Jason on March 19, at PM. Smarty on March 25, at PM. Netter on April 1, at PM. Smarty, I know a lot of people is looking for 64 bit version including myself. I will let u know once I found it M, All of these is based on the patch concept. The hacked dll does not resume disconnected state and also is not stable unlike ThinServer Arie-Lex, Thanks for the link. Great article. I wrote so many lines. Lucio on April 4, at PM. Thanks a lot!!! Fimo on April 6, at PM.

    Hazy on April 10, at AM. Great Blog!!! Best tweak I have seen for XP in a while! NItesh on April 28, at AM. Jakub Milata on May 2, at AM. Do you have any experience with SP3? Brian on May 3, at AM.

    John on May 7, at AM. Your the MAN!!! Anon on May 9, at PM. John on May 10, at AM. Hey Anon… can you post a link to that dll?

    Anon on May 10, at PM. Silk Weddng flowers on May 12, desktop AM. I can confirm that this works a treat with SP3 thanks agian. Kazoo Bruce on May 15, desktop PM. Very fast, amazing the amount of free processor and memory that is Remote a typical connection. TomTo on Connection 22, at PM.

    K on August 1, at PM. Tihs mod is great and Work perectly as long as you do not forget to create the EnableConcurrentSessions Remote the registry… patch Now I have a question… Patch it possible to allow the same user to log two or more times? I am connected as a local user and want to be able to connect with the same account remotely. Or I want to open two sessions.

    PhoTonic on August 15, at AM. John on August 28, at AM. Is it possible to allow the same user to log two or more times? Like Windows Server I am connected as a local user and want to be able to connect with the same account remotely.

    Thanks, Luis L. Hener on August 31, at PM. In Windows vista. How it works? Vikram on September 8, at AM. Ptochos on September 10, at AM. Hey Vikram… You are directiing people to a trojan. I followed a link on your site and got: Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6. Tom on September 25, at AM. Very nice Jason. Fun to play with and the discussion is not bad either.

    And congrats on getting married! Hope things are going well. Lucky on September 27, at AM. Joshua Gitlin on September 28, at AM.

    What is Remote Desktop?

    Netter on October 4, at PM. Jeremy on October 7, at AM. Patch in advance, Patch. Enrico on October 20, at PM. Ranjit on October 22, Remote Remotd. Connection not Rsmote worry, this is not a virus of any patch, this DLL file. BooBoss connection October 27, Remote PM. Sandeep on October 31, at AM. Nikos on November 2, at AM. Pepe on November 19, ddesktop AM.

    HELP In principle it works for my. Several users Remote RD-connect to this PC and work. Aapmansz on Desktop 12, at AM. Great hack. Limitation is max patvh sessions and Netware send popup from 1 user gets on the screen desktop all users. Thanx for this hack connectoin keep up the good work! Desktip on December deesktop, at PM. Abe on December 29, at Dwsktop.

    Ali on January 1, at AM. Arjen on January 6, at AM. U told people to try this software for over 10 times here… If this software is so amazing than why do you need to advertise so much??? Have a good day… BTW. Nice hack. Dave the Troll on January 6, at AM. Raj on January 12, at PM.

    Can somebody tell me whether it works with the version of windows i have in place? Quick reply is highly expected. Assem on January 21, at AM. You must note two things: 1. After deleting the termsrv. Robi on January 25, at AM. Now i am testing on the the 3th SP3 Xp computer…we will see. Kims on February 3, at AM. Hi All! I can connect 2 users which is obvious.

    Terminal server trial has now expired. I am using xp2 on a intel celeron laptop. Kindly help me,also guide me if i am going wrong in doing the configurations. Shawn on February 16, at PM. This works with user fast switch only. If your XP machine is on a domain this does not work. Just an FYI. Joe on May 15, at AM. Rachel on June 9, at AM.

    Fletch on June 17, at AM. This working perfectly in windows xp pro sp3. I only ignore the dllcache step. Z on July 10, at AM. Thx bud works like a charm. Thanks again. Michael on August 19, at AM.

    Can this be done to windows 7? Hans Heintz on August 31, at AM. Gim on October 14, at AM. Hello Jason, Thanks for this information. Thanks Armado. Thankyou on October 29, at AM. Thanks a million! Chandra on October 29, at AM. Brendan on November 13, at AM.

    Remote desktop connection xp patch

    Remote Mircsicz on November 17, at AM. Desktop someone desktop this with connection computer which is part of a Patchh Tested it with a Destkop copy and connfction worked… Remote someone approve that? Has someone patch this with patch computer which is part of a Samba-Domain?. Anthony on May 7, connectkon PM. Prince on June 24, connection PM. Raja on July 8, at AM. Alex on July 8, at PM. It also only takes two simultaneous sesssions.

    Manu on August 5, at AM. Worked fine for me…. Used an earlier rdp patcer and everything works fin. After this year updates in widows 7 i musz use a new rdp patcher. Multiple session is back, but on PC, whith i have connectet, at least, 5 session via rdp, i see tle last logget user desktop. For examle: 3 users : Admin, X1, X2. Admin is localy logged on PCand i see an Admin desktop.

    You may have to re-start your pc. Dear Hal! Please fix the patch we did not have unfortuna telly restore points and can not revert the changes. Now we are sitting duck and can not work. Please let us know it you are fixed it.

    Thank you sir. Ran into the same problem and backing out kb worked for me.

    12/7/ · To install Remote Desktop Connection software on a client computer. Insert the Windows XP CD into your CD-ROM drive. When the Welcome page appears, click Perform additional tasks, and then click Setup Remote Desktop Connection as shown below. When the installation wizard starts, follow the directions that appear on your Robert J. Shimonski. microsoft windows xp remote desktop connection free download - Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Client ) for Windows XP, Microsoft Windows XP Patch: Cannot Establish a Remote. 10/18/ · If you have ever used a real remote computer system like Citrix, then you have probably been craving multiple Remote Desktop sessions since you first fired up Windows XP Professional and/or Media Center Edition.

    Hoping conection will come up with a revised patch for this so further updates can be allowed. Because there is an updated termsrv.

    I second, connection kb was causing the issue on my Windows 7 x64, once rolled back the dll revert to the patched version. We just got the latest windows update that happened yesterday and the Concurrent RDP patcher is now working now. An update connection Sept broke this again sadly, been an avid user. Yes, confirm. I have 60 computers running Win7 in my facility and rely on concurrent dwsktop heavily. Connwction have had to disable these three updates on all. I hope this helps: kb kb kb — rolled this one patch yesterday.

    Last time this happened in I was lucky enough to find out online what bytes needed to Remote patched, conenction could update the program. Thanks, desktop I ask where you got that information Remote There appears to be only about 2 bytes difference from the old dll and I Remot to check this patch before trying to desktop the patcher…. Could log patch with two users remotely and one user locally being desktop of the Connectio Desktop Users group.

    Kaspersky endpoint security Remote to block this. Any idea connection to allow in the rules of the firewall for concurrent connections? It works fine without Kaspersky enabled. It worked for me for years, using xfreerdp package freerdp from Linux to Windows Home.

    But since yesterday when I ran Windows Update for the first time in 3 months, I get these errors:. Hi yesterday I have done fresh installation Windows 7 home premium SP1 and fully updated and the patch not is working for me. I tried patch-unpatch a lot of times but remote desktop open and looks is goingo to work but close ver fast without errors.

    Latest version works great on updated Windows 7 Professional! Make sure you are using the version on the very bottom of the post! Not working on latest updated version of Home Premium x64 — termsrv.

    In the freaking middle of the night. Still 2hours to make this freaking server with 25 employees work. Stressed out. The entire company would be on production hold. What could I do??! Found this site……. Man If I ever knew who had this solution patch? I would personally send them a beer!! Worked perfectly first time. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium. Home Premium is not capable of RDP out of the box — that is why it is not working. That will finish it up for you. Pls it would be so helpfull.

    Downloaded this today and can confirm that it is still working on windows 7 professional. Double click to run and enabled multiple logins per user, clicked patch and it kicked me off while it replaced the file. Waited 2 minutes then hopped back in and tested multiple concurrent sessions. As BrankoH said, any chance the desktops can mirror one another? I can connect and fully remote in from my android tablet but only to the main user. I have a total of three users and when i try to remote into to ano other users it just keeps re-asking me for the password as if I had typed in the wrong passwords.

    I tried to make two users to be administrators with passwords and it still only allows remoting to the first user that was originally the administrator. It works super good but only for one user in the desktop. Awesome solution…. Says that Windows 7 Enterprise is not supported.

    The patcher program is showing everything grayed out. I ran it on a different Windows 7 Professional machine and it worked fine. Will this work on Windows 7 Pro and Windows 10 Pro versions?

    What would happen if Microsoft decides to patch the file again.

    Using Remote Desktop with Windows XP Professional

    Remote it dektop system instability? Should we backup the patch termsrv file first before pztch Where connection the file located? If Microsoft desktop termsrv. If that happens we would desktop to update the tool again to patch the newer dll.

    If it does happen, is there place connection we can download patch newer patcher Remote do we just go back to this site? I cannot see remote desktop options in system preferences. Hello there, thanks for the article, but i have a question, does this patch enables multimonitor on host? I ask that because my host has win7 pro, and by default that OS version does not support multimonitor.

    I still do not see Remote Desktop options, only Remote Assistance. What gives? I installed the patch on both my computer and the one I want to remote into.

    Both are running Win 7 Home Premium. When I attempt to connect, it pops up the user and password input. I know it is the correct username and password. Any thoughts? You need to make sure the local user account for the machine you want to connect to is a member of the remote users group. Click on Users, then find your account.

    The login name should be the first thing listed on the left. Then, go back, go to groups, and go to Remote Users group. Add your login account there if it is not already present.

    Unfortunately, that snap-in is not allowed on a computer running home premium. Any other thoughts? After trying literally everything, I found a solution.

    There was a discrepancy between the login name and the account name on the profile in Win7HP. Normally, the login name is used for everything. Once corrected, I logged in without any issue. Hope this helps!

    Download Remote Desktop Connection Manager from Official Microsoft Download Center

    A recent Windows update seems to have broken rdp. April 12, Anyone else have this problem and knows which one? Found the problem. KB got installed again somehow. Connecction I run RDP it still says unknown checksum with all the options greyed out. Thanks very much. Reinstalled and ran the patch — worked just fine. Thanks again for your help!

    One more thing you need to do if you use Windows Firewall on your windows 7 home edition machine. You need to create a new inbound rule to allow port I want to remote desktop over the internet but it wont work. I checked to see if the port was open at canyouseeme.

    10/18/ · If you have ever used a real remote computer system like Citrix, then you have probably been craving multiple Remote Desktop sessions since you first fired up Windows XP Professional and/or Media Center Edition. 10/16/ · As you probably all know by now, Windows XP Professional allows you to only use one concurrent Remote Desktop session. The moment the remote Автор: P3daniel. 12/7/ · To install Remote Desktop Connection software on a client computer. Insert the Windows XP CD into your CD-ROM drive. When the Welcome page appears, click Perform additional tasks, and then click Setup Remote Desktop Connection as shown below. When the installation wizard starts, follow the directions that appear on your Robert J. Shimonski.

    I have a desktop question. For example if I login with user Desktop and worked Remote a word document. Can u connection the RDP session without logging out and then log back into the Remote session so I patch continue my work? Also on the desktop where I installed the patch, if I have my main patch logged in with multiple programs running with my current work opened. Connection now when I log in with the same user, it creates a new session and hence does not take me to the current working window.

    No messages. Nothing in event logs either. Tried the patched version with Windows 7 Starter that has KB installed. Any ideas? The patcher does not work with the Starter Edition because it has some networking and RDP restrictions. Hi, it is possible to run this patcher with parameters? I just found a great RDP patch that works with any version of windows. Remote desktop does not show on controlled computer [win 7 home prem ] but allows login using mstsc.

    Are we talking about the same thing? Perhaps you are unaware, but the entire reason that the Concurrent patch exists is to enable RDP hosting in a Home edition of Windows.

    Concurrent RDP Patcher Enables Remote Desktop in Windows 7 Home Premium •

    My Remote is conndction me desktop I will get the free upgrade to Windows However, this will be Windows 10 Patch, which is not likely to include Remote Desktop.

    Does anyone know a way of making this work? I turned off the firewall already, and uninstall antivirus too. Thanks for taking your time fonnection update this tool. After installing your updated version on my RDP host, I can connection to the connection where I enter the user deskyop and patch from my RDP eRmote desktop nothing happens patch that. It would help tremendously desktop get this to work so I can Remote part of my work at home.

    If connection patching process Remote involves changing some of the codes in Termsvc can you please show which codes I need to replace?

    Unfortunately we are unable to test the patcher or make edits for any language version other than English. After windows update, And also, I repatched it with KB As colin said, I also have same symptom, it accept username and password, but then it never show any messages, no response… just as like blocked by something.

    Could you please let me know what is problem? Thank you in advance. Here the same issue. You can add the username and password, but nothings happening. Keep up the good work!! Thank you for keeping this up to date. Some of the other versions of this have since stopped working, but after pulling the troublesome updates, your updated version does the job. I am having a problem with changing the ports, though.

    Thanks again for keeping this up! Quick Heal is obviously talking rubbish, i. The result at Virustotal for the last released test version: virustotal. Tested with windows 7 family premium and both version of the patch. The original version worked perfectly… Now it accepts the username, asks for password, but the remote desktop never loads. It just terminates with no message.

    Worked like a charm. BTW: I did it remotely. Via RDP, of course. No problems. CRP was waiting on the screen, so encouraged, I tried to unpatch.

    patch Actually the patcher could accept blindly all N variants: windows. How can Reemote increase that? Resolution: x Both are connection out and not changeable.

    Does anyone know how I can increase that resolution? I was excluded by the patch using a windows 7 enterprise and found a more universal solution github.

    Great new version. Your modified patch worked. It now says connection. Only help seems to be to uninstall KB update. Is it possible the patch only works on cracked Win7 and fails on genuine ones? Thanks Remote any ideas. Tried installing and was able to connection patch. I just opened the extracted files pztch my downloads folder.

    I downloaded your test file. When i Run it as administrator. It says termsrv. Remote dfsktop source code is Remote desitop, you can get it here: mediafire.

    Update: Despite the error message about the process being in use by another user, the patch seems desktop have worked. When I run desktop patcher, it verifies the termsrv. When I tell it to Patch, patch gives me an error that the file is being used by another process. The think is I ran all your patches Remote found on Remoet page. Thank desktop very much! If you have tried the test file files.

    The patcher needs a completely unmodified dll to work. Uninstall patch from Windows update. Patcch Desktop tool will definitely recognise a non connection termsrv. What is the maximum number of concurrent connections?

    Has anyone tried 8 or more concurrent connections? Hi, First of all thank you for your effort! The problem patch ,in spite of patching correctly the library, remote desktop option does not appears on the menu.

    Im new conection this still learning. I did the patch it works but I cant log in can connection help desktoo me step by step on how to be able to access my computer. I had downloaded the pacth in november and Remote Desktop connections were working fine. This year they are not working, and I tried the above link. There are two versions of our modified patcher, the version in the post for the latest patch and the version you link to is for the previous patch. You need to check which patches you have installed to work out which program you need to run.

    It does not get borken by the Windows updates. It depends which recent patch you have installed from Microsoft. Hi, same problem. It has been working until November Which version of Windows are you using? Any idea what can help? Many thanks in advance. Running well on W7 Home Premium x64 with all of Winblows latest updates for about a week now. I have a partner who has a Home Premium in her pc and some days the remote desktop did not work … the last update could help, remote desktop is working fine again, thank you very much!

    Not sure which update it was, but I got it working again with the patches below. Maybe you can include them in the next version? Original termsrv. Yes, the same for me. But since last MS-update not working again. I removed the installation of update KB on one machine, and on the other I excluded it form the update process see the update details and uncheck the box and in both cases, worked perfectly afterwards.

    Worked great for years. Anyone know what to do to fix it? Yes in deed. Your update worked for a few weeks perfectly on 2 W7 Home systems. But now again destroyed. Hopefully you can again fix the problem, good luck and MANY thanks!!! After the update uninstall update KB Personally I am not to concerned about security implications as my machines are on a secure internal network. One will need to hide the update in the Windows Update app otherwise it will be reinstalled.

    Obviously a proper solution would be an update to the wonderful Concurrent RDP Patcher tool … Thank you too Raymondcc for providing the tool. Try it at your own risk….

    This new patcher does not work for me on Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x It appears Enterprise in unsupported. Is there an update to the RDP Patcher to resolve this? This has been reliable for several years but just stopped working on a windows home premium machine.

    Anyone else having the same issue perhaps the last windows update? The connection neither connects nor errors out, appears to connect then nothing.

    I have not had a chance to install it and test it. Here is a thread about it: forums. The latest updates for Windows 7 seem to have replaced termsrv. Can someone update the patcher as well? Looks like it might be this one: KB released on … support2. It certainly is the cause of the failure of the terminal server patch, but I would like a longer term solution.

    I have this problem that the remote will not start a program when connected. Click Optionsand then click the Advanced tab. The three available authentication options are as follows: Always connect, even if authentication fails If you enable this option, you can connect even if Remote Desktop Connection cannot verify the identity of the remote computer.

    Warn me if authentication fails If you enable this option, Remote Desktop Connection cannot verify the identity of the remote computer. This option warns you so that you can decide whether to continue with the connection. Resource redirection The Remote Desktop Connection 6.

    Get Remote Desktop

    patch TS Gateway servers A TS Gateway server is a type of gateway that enables authorized users to connect connection remote computers on a corporate network. These authorized users can connect from any computer by using an Internet connection. Desktop, earlier versions of Remote Desktop Connection cannot connect to remote computers across firewalls and network address translators.

    This behavior occurs because port is typically blocked to enhance network security. Port is the port that is used for Remote Desktop connections.

    However, a TS Gateway server uses port The advantages of a TS Gateway server are as follows: It connection Remote Desktop connections to a corporate network from the Internet without setting up patch virtual private network VPN connection.

    It enables connections Remote remote computers across firewalls. It helps you share a network connection with other programs Remote are running on the computer. This enables you to use the Internet service provider ISP connection instead of the corporate network to send and receive data over the remote connection. Click Optionsclick the Advanced tab, and then click Settings.

    Click Use these TS Gateway server settingstype the server name in the Server name box, and then select one of the following logon methods from the Logon methods list: Allow me to select later This option lets you select a logon method when you connect.

    Ask for password This option prompts you for a password when you connect. Smart card This option prompts you to insert a smart card when you connect.

    Click toselect or click to clear the Bypass TS Gateway server for local addresses check box. By selecting this check box, you prevent the traffic that is moving to and from local network addresses from being routed through the TS Gateway server. This makes the connection faster. Terminal Services Remote Programs Remote Programs are a feature of Windows Server Terminal Services that lets client computers connect to a remote computer and use programs that are installed on it.

    For example, a workplace may have a remote computer to which employees can connect and run Microsoft Word. An administrator must first publish the programs for end-users to access them. The experience is the same as running a program that is installed on the computer. Remote Programs make system administration easier because there is only one copy of a program to upgrade or to maintain instead of many copies that are installed on individual computers. Monitor spanning Remote Desktop Connection supports high-resolution displays that can be spanned across multiple monitors.

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    1. Zushura:

      All you need to do is to enable it because the Remote Desktop function is disabled by default. If you are setting up a connection to a different Windows version such as XP or Vista from your Windows 7 machine , then you need to choose the less secure option.

    2. Kagasida:

      This will be important when we talk about Windows based networking services and how to set them up remotely, like Network Monitor for example. Remote Desktop is definitely a tool you will want to master the use of.

    3. Nazragore:

      If you have no experience with the registry, then I would recommend you find someone who does or leave these alone. I do not make any kind of warranty that this will work for you or your friends.

    4. Ararn:

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