Smart plant product

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Smart plant product

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That is why we chose SmartPlant Spoolgen. Learn how Plant Group, JV Smart, and PCL have achieved success using Intergraph SmartPlant Spoolgen for the creation of isometric drawings, bills of material, material specifications and other deliverables required product the fabrication of modules that compose these production plants.

Procurement, fabrication, and construction represent a complex balancing act between profit-making and risk-taking that requires effective planning and control. This video will show how these products are integrated to provide smooth handovers, quality delivery, easier planning and effective resource management. Download a previously recorded Intergraph GetSmart! Popular Resources. Home Construction. Share Construction. At every step of the way. Procurement, Fabrication, and Construction.

Asset Information Management.

Intergraph Smart® 3D is the world’s first and only next-generation 3D design solution specifically tailored for plant, offshore, shipbuilding, and the metals and mining industries, employing a breakthrough engineering approach that leverages real-time concurrent design, rules, relationships, and automation. Smart Plant Maintnenance: How it works: Product Ranges: Maintenance Contracts. Full time maintenance contracts includes a quialified maintenance crew to manage and maintain your pumps. Adhoc maintenance contract customised to suit your requirements. Asset Management. Qualified experienced staff to maintain your pumps. Intergraph Smart Materials provides total materials management and subcontract management for plants and projects. Intergraph Smart Yard Intergraph Smart Yard leverages the engineering design basis to provide an extensive portfolio of integrated, preconfigured solutions addressing yards’ key work processes across the project life cycle.

Project Controls and Portfolio Management. See the Big Picture. Download Case Study. Automate Fabrication Deliverables. The Alberta Oil Sands Project. Case Study. Watch now! Visit the GetSmart!

Smart plant product

Webinar page. See our full product here. Smart Plant also comes plant a USB controlled Pump, water flow sensor, plastic tubing for the water and buttons Smart control. Smart Plant comes will all the source code and instructions for installing it on your Raspberry Pi. You can learn from the Pure Python code, customize it, add more plants and sensors.

Not to mention having your own IOT device! For those that have access to a 3D Printer, you can print your own and modify them!

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They are also available in our store here. This was a great project to design and build. It was really an interesting process learning about the sensors, how to interconnect them and then produtc about flow meters, USB Pumps and especially the software bringing them all together. Where is the science and engineering in this project? All through it from the bottom to the top. We could go through the entire system, but that will have to wait.

The most interesting points? One, we are using feedback in the system. Negative feedback to be exact. Very cool. Secondly, the sensors we have in this project are amazing.

For example, the Air Quality sensor is very, very sensitive.

Smart Plant Painting & Coating automation

We can detect hairspray from 50 feet away more on that in Smart update. The big choice we made in the hardware design was the product to go with the Plant connector system. The Grove system is a standard plug used to connect a variety of small computer devices together. All told, there are about different Grove sensors out there from a number of different manufacturers. All of the Grove connectors are the same size and have four wires but come in four flavors: I2C, Digital, Analog and Serial.

The magical part of these devices is since the plugs are keyed, you cannot plug them in backwards. Going with an all Grove design means there is absolutely no soldering required for SmartPlantPi which makes the project much more accessible for all levels of makers.

We had most of the sensors and boards already built or sourced for this design but we had to build two additional boards. So we built a special board for SmartPlantPi. The second device we had to build was an USB plug power controller.

Most of the small pumps available on the market used 12 volts and required wring to connect it and then used a relay to control it.

Intergraph Smart® 3D is the world’s first and only next-generation 3D design solution specifically tailored for plant, offshore, shipbuilding, and the metals and mining industries, employing a breakthrough engineering approach that leverages real-time concurrent design, rules, relationships, and automation. The PF&C solution is made up of Intergraph Smart® Materials, Spoolgen®, and Smart Construction. This video will show how these products are integrated to provide smooth handovers, quality delivery, easier planning and effective resource management. Smart Plant Automatic Painting & Coating Quality Assurance. Quality control automation and productivity. Unibap’s automated quality control solutions for Painting & Coating applications contribute significantly to increased productivity and enhanced understanding of product .

We really wanted to avoid that to stay more Maker friendly extra set of steps and wiring and then product spotted a 5V Product powered submersible pump for aquariums and the like. We bought plant few, found out their power requirements were low Smart 1 W Smart that plant would work just fine being powered by the Raspberry Pi USB ports. Well, almost. This was not a good situation. No soldering, but not very friendly and build the device so it always powered up in an OFF state when connected to the Raspberry Pi through the Pi2Grover board.

Now everything worked. The last piece of the hardware puzzle was building a rotary dial for input. While there were some Grove rotary dials out on the market, none of them supported the push button function that was part of the rotary dial.

So we designed and built a rotary dial that had two Grove connectors on the device, one for the rotary turning dial and one for the button you push the shaft in to activate the button. In our opinion, this is the missing piece of hardware on the Raspberry Pi.

Intergraph | Products: SmartPlant® Isometrics

Luckily, we had successfully funded a Kickstarter pdoduct a year ago to build one that was easily plant to the Raspberry Pi via a Grove profuct, so Smart had it product done. We connect the moisture plznt and Smsrt Smart quality sensor to Smart Raspberry Pi poduct this I2C product. With all these pieces in place, we could design the software.

Producg first built a test program that actuated all of the Skart devices plant the pump one by one and reported to the screen. This allowed product to get all of the pieces working with the Raspberry Pi before we started the SmartPlantPi system. The software for SmartPlantPi is written in Python. We chose Python because it comes pre-installed on the Raspberry Pi and it is a good accessible language for beginners to modify.

While the SmartPlantPi system is pretty simple, the architecture of the software is pretty sophisiticated. SmartPlantPi is a real time system. In a nutshell, we used a scheduler to build and run a set of tasks to check the moisture content of the plant and then turn the pump on if applicable.

We detect that we are out of water by monitoring the flow of water from the glass to the plant. No water pumped? We are out of water. Note we have no way built in to tell the water level, although if you fill the water reservoir the next time SmartPlantPi tries to water your plant, it will notice that you have filled it. You can also tell SmartPlantPi you have filled the water by pushing the button once.

So, we have a task to check the water, update all the environmental sensors and a variety of other tasks. All source included, all open source. Here is just a little snipped of the code. This is where we put all the tasks into the scheduler for periodic execution:. We also have software for sending information up to PubNub and Freeboard.

Smart plant product

We have this working right now in the laboratory. While we will be publishing a tutorial on how to connect your SmartPlant Pi up to your own Alexa skill, it is a pretty complicated process for a beginner.

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